The Healthy Benefits of the Dandelion


Demystifying Your (W)holistic Workday

 This 60 minute workshop is designed as a lunchtime grab bag. Leesa will go through the 5 areas of success to begin or continue your healthy lifestyle while at work.

She will give you take-a-ways in each of the 5 domains of  Positive Thoughts, Corrective Posture, Movement, Natural Foods & Restful Sleep

 You will leave feeling empowered for SUCCESS!  

Call her office so your employees can be Empowered for a Healthy Lifestyle at Work!

"Offering Positive Change for Your Whole Being"


Leesa has developed a workshop on Pelvic Floor Self-Care called "NOT YOUR MAMA'S KEGELS"      

Not Your Mamas Kegels marketing photo.jpg

Not Your Mama's KegelsA Comprehensive Approach to Pelvic Floor Self-Care -This book is in production

"It is my experience that the pelvic floor has been and is being greatly over looked for overall health, especially in preventive care of our whole body.  Just being aware we have pelvic floor muscles and connective tissue will be a huge step in the right direction." leesa scott lmt cst

"This is NOT a women’s issue, we all have one! a pelvic floor that is. I would like women and men to feel more comfortable expressing their pelvic floor issues to healthcare professionals. I have no doubt there is much more going on in this area of our body that is distressing and is rarely being discussed at our doctors’ visits. The silence needs to be broken and the shame dissolved."  leesa scott lmt cst


Contact the office for information on workshops. 937.642.6909 or check the Events page on this site.

If you would like to host a workshop in your area contact Leesa's office, she enjoys travel!