...if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks....

Most of you have heard my tag line "Awareness Allows Choice". I use this everyday in my life, and I am truly happy to have this as a strong guiding light for my path. 

As some of us out there, maybe all to many, we have those in our path who are less than kind. If you are like me you to want to understand why. Why, when you intend to honor and do good things for others do some find it their mission to be less than kind or even down right nasty. 

I have one such person in my world, not on a regular basis, but every few years this pops up. I used to struggle with understanding, wanting to make amends or help them see what I was trying to accomplish....but to no avail. Then I heard this quote from Winston Churchill â€œYou will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”

Hearing his quote made me take a pause....to become Aware of my world, this pause Allowed me see and appreciate all of the wonderful people around me who love and support me and my efforts to hold the space for our lives to be as happy and healthy as I can. 

This then gave me the Choice to hear that barking dog and pass by with the grace of knowledge that my world is not the place for him right now or... to pick up that stone....

Because I truly believe what we think makes our future, I choose to pass by. This has proven to the best support I can offer to that noisy pooch. 

The next time you hear those noises, take a moment because "Awareness Allows Choice".

Source: wakeupworld.com