Restless nights on a Waxing Moon?

I have been so restless the past three nights. I am aware of the moon cycles effecting my sleep but as I was laying there...not sleeping...I started wondering what science, if any, I could find on this subject.

Reading several articles this one made the most since to me. I have taken liberty with the order in which this article was written. To read it in it's entirety go to:  

Scientists have found that people’s sleep patterns are tuned to the waxing and waning of the moon, even when they were unaware of whether it was a full moon or not.

On nights when a full moon was present, volunteers spent 30 per cent less time in deep sleep, took five minutes longer to fall asleep and slept for 20 minutes less.

The researchers monitored their brain patterns, eye movements and hormone levels as they slept. There were no windows or any way of telling whether the moon was full outside.

Our brains are known to respond to the pattern of light and dark known as the circadian rhythm, but links to the lunar cycle have been less well studied.

Professor Christian Cajochen, a chronobiologist at the University of Basel, said the effect may be a relic of our evolutionary past.  “On full moon nights there was more light and so in our past the risk of predators was higher, so maybe we needed to wake up more easily.

The position of the moon in relation to the Earth is also known to affect more fundamental processes such as the tides of the oceans.

This last sentence poses the subject around my thoughts the night I wasn't sleeping. "Since the human body is made up mostly of fluids we have to be affected by the lunar tidal force".

I found this article that supports my thoughts, however it doesn't offer any facts.

I've decide to meditate on these nights. I am in a growth cycle and meditating daily. Adding another meditation at night can only be good!  

Post your revelations if you decide to join me!