Game Day Snacks

If you're like me you enjoy snacking while watching a good game of football. 

My guilty pleasure is salt and vinegar chips. It occurred to me I might be able to healthy them up! 

As a bonus I bought a mandolin slicer :)  

This is what I've come up with; 

heat oven to *400, cook 5-15 min. Cook time depends on your oven and how thin you slice the potatoes

3 medium red skinned potatoes, washed and sliced - white, sweet or zucchini are also good 

2 cups white vinegar, I boil it and then pour over the sliced potatoes to cover them. Soak for a few hours or overnight. 

pat the potatoes dry and sprinkle with a course salt. I like himalayan or sea salt

lay the potato slices flat on a parchment paper lined baking tray and spritz with EVOO

bake until desired crispness

I have also tried sweet potatoes with cinnamon and sugar...yummm

I like to mix the spices, sometimes I add dill, cayenne or black pepper

let me know how you did it differently!