Leesa's Guilt Free Cookies

So here we are full swing into the holiday season. We are being invited to lots of parties, cookie exchanges and being tempted by all of it! At least I know I am! 

I was invited to a cookie exchange, something I don't usually get invited to because people know I don't eat much of the common sweet treats. But this year I was and I was determined to take something tasty and healthy. I wanted to show them that I do have taste buds and they really like the goodies just like everyone else. I just prefer to do without the brain fog and tummy bulge that is often associated with eating  much of the conventional holiday treats.

I read several different recipes and tried a couple. The one below is my favorite. And!!! I took them to the cookie exchange with rave reviews....I don't think they were just being polite ;)

There are base ingredients to use then you add what you are in the mood for. You get to be the creator. Make up different cookies and share what you did here for all of us to enjoy. 

here goes:

I have been calling them Leesa's Guilt Free Cookies. Hey they have whole food in them and they truly are good for you!!! 

Dairy, Flour and Sugar Free Cookies!!!! 

350* 12-15 min, parchment paper

3 ripe bananas, mashed

2 c rolled oats

1/3 c unsweetened apple sauce

1/4 c almond milk or what ever you prefer

1 tsp vanilla

This is the base.... then add anything you think will taste good. 

1/2 c dried fruit, nuts, or a combo or chocolate chips

if using fruit or nuts I add

1 tsp of cinnamon

pinch of salt

I have also added a pinch of nutmeg or any spice that sounds good 

If using chocolate chips I add

1 tsp of coco powder 

blend together 

spoon little dollops... just enough for a bite or two  

let them cook until just turning brown. 

let them mostly cool before you try to move them from the cookie sheet