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"Offering Positive Change for your Whole Being"


CONGRATULATIONS! You are only one step away to taking control of your Life!

Leesa will show you easy ways to reduce or eliminate your pain. Her approach has evolved over many years of personal practice and though observing those she has coached. 

These results have been nothing short of miraculous. In many cases the lifestyle changes have been simple and doable for anyone who is ready to live without pain and dysfunction.  

Have you been searching for something to guide you through the maze of recipes and cooking? Would you like to stay vibrant and healthy as you age?

You are in the right place! Leesa Scott has easy to follow online courses to guide you to whole health. These courses are designed for you to go through at your own pace, with instructional videos and handy downloads you will be living the life of your dreams in no time! 

Leesa Scott LMT CST is a Wholistic Wellness Consultant, Online Course Developer and Speaker. She offers a unique and comprehensive approach in empowering individuals to live a healthier lifestyle.

COOK! Easy, Quick & Healthy Meals!     Online Course shows how to Plan Weekly Meals while sticking to your Budget. It walks you through basic kitchen tools, quick and savvy shopping, healthy food choices, simple recipes and how to save money! 

When you choose to work with me  YOU will make conscience choices and live the life you desire!

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 Leesa  has developed a 5 point approach to encompass your Whole Being through                           PRANA- A Life-Giving Force which is the acronym for; Positive Thoughts, Rest, Alignment, Nutrition, Action. 

You can come to her office for one-on-one sessions, phone sessions or have her teach on-site to a group.

Visit Leesa's newest website for your FREE eBOOK My Kitchen To Yours Easy Quick & Healthy Meals At Your Fingertips. This office won't last long! Go to or

Leesa has online courses for you to learn in the comfort of your own home. COOK! Easy, Quick & Healthy Meals! can be found by following the link. You can also find her recipe book my kitchen to yours, Quick, Easy & Healthy Meals at your fingertips!

 Leesa teaches Pelvic Floor Self-Care to men and women. "Not Your Mama's Kegels"   is available for you to learn in a group workshop or one or one in her office. Call 937 642 6909 for details on how to have this workshop available for your group!   Coming Soon online course "Not Your Mama's Kegels" .   

Leesa has developed a workshop for professionals of Holistic Therapies called Your Body Speaks. This course teaches a deeper level of palpation skills to better "listen" to what the body is saying. This course is worth 14 CEs through NCBTMB. 

About Leesa

Your Wellness Adviser for Businesses and Personal, Online Course Creator and Public Speaker.

Leesa opened a Medical Massage Practice working with Traditional Medical Physicians in 1994. She has been a catalyst in bridging the gap between Holistic Practitioners and the Medical Communities. She was ask to help design and open the Center for Integrative Medicine at The Ohio State University in 2004. 

Throughout Leesa's career she has sat on several boards and chaired committees at both the state and national levels. 

Her wealth of knowledge in Myofascial dysfunction has helped her to understand the importance of using multidisciplinary approach for long term results. 

 Leesa has studied under some of the best Instructors in the field of soft tissue therapy .  Her avid need for learning has expanded her knowledge in the fields of Mind Body Spirit through yoga and meditation. She also become an Herbalist in 2012 to better understand how Mother Earth gives us much of what we need to stay vibrant and healthy. 

She believes the best way to master something is through teaching it, this is how she has the amazing opportunities to teach in the US and abroad.

Leesa's first Love is her family. She married her husband in 1984 and is the mama of two beautifully successful women. She is delighted to spend some of her free time enjoying their grandsons and passing along her curiosity for life.

Leesa believes in empowering you on self-care for long term results!,